Monday, 18 April 2011


So today we were lucky enough to recieve a guest lecture from one half if the designer duo known as Boudica. It was quite an amazing talk i found it hard to take notes on anything besides the authors, books or movies that were recomended however i found that if i ha missed it i would have missed out on a vital lesson that would have edified my life. one of the main things that i took frpm the talk is that you dont always need to have all the money in the world to produce an amazing collection of clothes, althought it would obviusly help i think that a lack of money can aloe you to push your creativity to new realms bettering you as a person and as a designer.
I also took from the talk not to limit yourself to typical visuals for inspiration. As we were told by Zowie how while at a protest men would cover there wirst with tape to prevent police grabbing them and from that she came up with an idea through that.
Overall i was glad that i had the oppotunity to hear what Zowie had to say and it was good to find oit how a noted designer came up with ideas and surivies in the cut throat business.

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