Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Granville on the Gulf of St Malo. His father was a wealthy fertiliser manufacturer and had dreams of Dior becoming a lawyer however Christian Dior longed to be a part of the art industry.
            In 1928 Christian Dior’s father gave him an art gallery and I later became the gallery for avant-garde artists such as Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso etc however Dior closed the doors to his gallery when the depression in 1931 hit his family business causing it to go bankrupt.
            After closing the doors to his gallery Christian Dior barley made a living selling fashion illustrations to couture fashion companies, and in 1938 couturier Robert Piguet offered Dior a job as a design assistant.
            After serving in the war as an officer Dior had a theory that the public was ready for a new style his idea consisted of a sumptuous silhouette and billowing skirts. (At the time France were hard pressed for coal food and clothes)
            Christian Dior debuted in 1947 with his collection quickly coined as the “new look” with was an instant hit due to his luxurious fabrics and amazing silhouettes
Dior became more in demand and   opened a ready to wear boutique in New York.
            In 1957 Christian Dior Died of a heart attack in Italy, his funeral was widely attended and Yves Saint Laurent became his successor.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 1999 - Creating an art piece

Sub cluture

The 90's had quite a few subcultures that are sill everpresent in todays society.

Hip-Hop had a major impact on society with huge rope chains to shiny (flammable) shell suits.

Grunge was all about layers, thrift shopping, and deconstruction

One of the forerunners of the Grunge sound a look Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Acid house was a way of life as well as a subculture

what happened

so a few things happend in the 90s so im going to show a few selected.

11th February nelson Mandela was released from prison after serving 27 years imprisonment

Margret thatcher stepped down as PM and John Major became the Toorie Pm however in 1997 Tony Blair became the new Labor PM

Princess Diana lost her life in a car crash in 1997

the Internet was made for public use (Nerdy note the creator of the interweb gave it to the people for free)

My decade

So here's to the good old 90's loved the 90s there was so much going on and some much more that I didn't even know about so I've decided to dig into what it is that I have missed